*Hdd deep hole opener reamer drill bit


Larger Holes with Smaller Rigs – By drilling a hole in stages, larger holes can be drilled
with smaller rigs. A smaller hole requires less power.

Replacing Cutters and Cutting Cost – On most Hole Opener designs, the cutters
can be easily replaced. The cost to replace a cutter is a fraction of the cost to replace
a large tricone rock bit.

Cost of Large Rock Bits – Larger diameter rock bits not only cost a lot, they can be
difficult to find. A more economic solution is to use a hole opener that uses smaller
tricone rock bit segments..



high quality suppliers hdd deep hole opener reamer drill bit for oil well drilling
Straighter Holes – By drilling a smaller hole with a “pilot” bit, then attaching that said bit
onto the bottom of the the hole opener. The hole opener will follow the path of the hole
drilled by the smaller bit.


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